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Star Home, Shop page


  • Talwinder started the conversation

    I need to adjust font size for text on Star Home.

    Can we add a sidebar to the shop page for adding wooCommerce widgets?

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    Theme replied


    For font size:

    .starTitle h2 a { font-size: 88px!important; }

    Don't delete the !important after that px size and paste that in Appearance - > Editor.

    Right now not. In the next update you will.

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  • Talwinder replied

    I am having a hard time setting up woo commerce pages.
    Woocommerce pages in the theme are all outdated. 

    I have duplicates for all pages(shop, my account, checkout, cart).

    Which copy of the page should I use? ( woo commerce or theme)

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    Theme replied

    You can use our example pages and change the products or you can start from scratch with their documentation.


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  • Talwinder replied

    My website basically works fine on PC but fails miserably on Mobile devices. I have attached screenshot but feel free to visit https://colorfulcloset.clothing to explore for yourself. 

    1. How can I remove the player from home page?

    2. I have attached a screenshot of my home page on MOBILE PHONE(iPhone 6).
    The title in the center doesn't really serve any purpose when displayed in 4 different lines

    Supposed to be "Colorful Closet"

    3. I have also attached a screenshot of CART page.

    PROCEED TO CHECKOUT is displayed correctly.

    4. The third screenshot is from the product page.

    The product image is displayed on top of the page which is nowhere near the product information (price, etc)

    I want it between PRODUCT TITLE and PRICE.

    5. Shop page only displays 10 products. Where can I increase that limit?

    It also does not provide any option to go to next page of products

    6. Product categories pages display no products

    Please reply asap.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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